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Bigger Is Not Always Better: The Advantages Of Small Crane Trucks

Looking for small crane truck hire in Sydney? When most people think of a crane, they think of an extremely large piece of equipment, many metres high and often obscuring an entire skyline. But if you work in the construction industry, you’ll know that there are many different types of cranes and that bigger is not always better!

While large cranes can provide much-needed access to high rise buildings and lift rather heavy loads, these cranes can be cumbersome, expensive and oftentimes dangerous.

As providers of small crane truck hire in Sydney, we have seen first-hand the many advantages that smaller cranes have to offer construction sites. In this article, we’ll take a look at some of these advantages. Who knows, maybe you’ll want to hire a crane truck for your next project!

More Accessibility

Because of the crane’s small stature, you are able to get easy access to hard-to-reach places on a construction site, making the project that much easier and more convenient for you and your team.

Transportation Of Materials

Not only can a crane truck, lift and lower because it is mobile, it can also easily transport materials across your construction site, making this piece of equipment very versatile indeed.

Less Prep Time

Unlike other types of cranes, there is really no set-up time required when it comes to a crane truck. It is already set up! In construction, time is money, and this option allows you to get started faster than you would be able to with a larger crane.

Less Space Required

The crane truck does not require a lot of space in order to function. The other bonus is that it is easy and convenient to store. It is fantastic for small construction sites where space is an issue.

Reduced Costs

When it comes to buying or hiring a crane truck, it is often a lot cheaper than a larger crane. The other way in which you’ll save on costs is that you don’t need to hire a team or additional labour to set up the crane. The crane truck is very easy to use and you need only one person to operate it safely.

Are you sold on the advantages that crane trucks have to offer? Are you interested in small crane truck hire in Sydney? Contact the Top Gun Cranes expert team today and we can provide you with more information regarding our services!

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