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Reasons Why IR ARO Diaphragm Pumps Should Be Your First Choice

IR ARO diaphragm pumps

 When looking for a quality pump for your fluid handling needs, there many options to choose from, and it can be a difficult choice with many factors to take into consideration. But as fluid handling pump experts in Australia, we’re here to highlight reasons why IR ARO air operated diaphragm pumps are your first choice.

#1 Cannot Overheat

As there are no heat generating electrical components the IR ARO diaphragm pump stays cooler. If you are pumping solvent based liquids this means reduced solvent flash-off.

#2 Pollution Free Operation

IR ARO diaphragm pumps exhaust clean, slightly chilled air, not potentially dangerous carbon monoxide.

#3 No Electrical Spark

Since IR ARO diaphragm pumps operate on compressed air there is no danger of electrical spark or any need for expensive explosion proof motors or enclosures.

#4 On Demand Performance and 100% Energy Efficiency

When you close the outlet of an IR ARO pump, the pump stops cycling. No movement, no wear, no overload, no heat build up and no power consumption – 100% energy efficient.

#5 Pumping Efficiency Remains Constant

Since there are no motor, gears, vanes or pistons there is no gradual decline in performance due to wear.

#6 No Foaming or Shearing of Material

What comes into the inlet of the pump – goes out the outlet of the pump – unchanged

#7 Variable Flow Rate

Select an air pressure for 0 to 120 PSI and achieve the desired flow rate.

#8 Positive Priming Provides Easy Pumping Start- Ups

The pump check valves are located close to the fluid chamber ensuring positive self priming even from a dry start..

#9 Runs Dry Without Damage

There are no close fitting or sliding parts at risk – the pump can run dry indefinitely without damage.

#10 Totally Submersible

IR ARO diaphragm pumps

Take it to the work site – drop it in

#11 Handles a Wide Variety of Fluids

From low to high viscosity – from corrosive to abrasive pumping applications.

#12 Lite Weight – Portable

Carry it from job to job

#13 No Complex Controls

No wires, switches, circuits, fuses, grids, run up controls or by-pas systems.

#14 No Lubrication

One less maintenance detail to log. No oil droplets to contaminate your atmosphere or product.

If you’re looking for an option that is as convenient as possible when it comes to installation, then air-operated diaphragm pumps from IR ARO are certainly the option you’ve been looking for.

Want to purchase IR ARO diaphragm pumps in Australia? At Airdraulics, we have quite a few selections available, and our knowledgeable team would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have about these products.

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