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Fun Facts To Know About Environment-Friendly Coffee Pods

Most of us always wonder what these environment friendly coffee pods are? Basically, they are small, single-serve packages of coffee that come wrapped in their own filter. They can only be used with certain types of coffee makers, called pod brewers, but they can be far more convenient. Imagine not having to worry about buying filters and grind separately, or pouring grinds or water whenever you want just one cup of coffee. Unfortunately, this convenience is a bit more pricey than your standard cheap coffee maker. Coffee pod brewers, while still fairly budget-friendly, are not nearly as cheap as the old standard. Also, there are many different manufacturers of coffee pods brewers, and not all brewers are compatible with all pods, so there is sometimes confusion as to which brewers use which pods.

Of course, if you sample both, and they each taste just the same to you, then there’s no reason to spend the excess money on the more expensive pods. Also, there are ways to make your own, and it’s not too terribly difficult, though the time involved probably negates any convenience gained from using coffee pods in the first place.

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Where they actually originated from?

The pod technology originated in Italy where automated machines were built for the purpose of producing a 7 gram, or 0.25 ounce, of coffee wrapped in filter paper and shaped in the form of a disk packed into an opaque envelope. Italian ingenuity added a necessary component in the production process to maintain extended freshness in each coffee packet. This process is called nitrogen displacement designed to force out oxygen and moisture, the two enemies of freshly roasted coffee. Both aroma and taste are protected for over a year with nitrogen blanketing. Otherwise, coffee can turn rancid a month after it is roasted if unprotected by an inert gas like nitrogen before it reaches the buyer.

Many coffee manufacturers adopted the pod form as a better way to deliver freshness-maintained coffee and an easier way to brew one serving without a fuss. A standard called ESE (Easy Serving Espresso) was developed so that espresso machines and pod designs would match with each other. This open system has allowed the pod design to spread throughout Europe and to a certain extent in the US. Today, on the American market, 55% of single-cup drinkers prefer the pod over the capsule because of the greater variety available to them.

What to consider when looking for a new coffee brewer?

  • If you are thinking about purchasing a single-serve coffee brewer you may want to become familiar with the various types of packaging for the coffee that are used in the single-serve makers.
  • Coffee pods are coffee’s version of a teabag. They are small discs made of coffee filter materials that contain the ground coffee inside. Warm water runs through them to give you a unique brew in every cup. Coffee pods are used in a range of brands of single-serve coffee makers.
  • Espresso cases are the perfect decision in making strides toward environmental friendliness since they can be completely reused. The units are perfect for manure: they can be put legitimately in the fertilizer store and will crumble into the manure. Additionally, the units are not made utilizing any plastics which can likewise go through our regular assets, which is one more explanation that espresso cases are the best ecologically stable decision when choosing a solitary serve espresso brewer. 
  • Meanwhile, on the off chance that you have an espresso machine that utilizes K-cups and you are worried about the effect each one of those plastic cups is having on the earth, there are two or three choices that will let you make the most of your one cup producer while still be ecologically agreeable. An item is accessible that is an environment friendly coffee pod for your K-cup machine. This is a reusable channel that fits in your one cup producer. It likewise permits you to utilize your own espresso in the event that you want.

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